Desert – the verb

Dailypost – Desert

I have decided to use the daily-prompt to aid with my writer’s block. It is my luck that today’s word is a tough one – a few days ago it was false and yesterday it was glass.

Desert as a noun means a wasteland – or a waterless land. Dry and very little vegetation – or a wilderness. Desert as a verb – means abandon with the intention of never returning.   To fail someone in a time of need

Desert – the verb

I placed a call and the voice on the other end accuses “where have you been? Why has it been so long since I heard from you?” I grip the phone and anger starts to simmer. “I have been busy” I answer between clenched teeth, “The kids, work, the house, everyone wants a piece of me”. I close my eyes and bite my tongue. I want to ask the same questions “Where have you been? Why has it been so long since I heard from you?” She acts wounded and hurt as if I have deserted her. But who deserted whom?

To be in a relationship with her, there is an unwritten contract that states; “You must be the one to contact me, to reach out to me – if you do not fulfill this part of the contract then you will be guilty of desertion”.  I seethe at how unfair this contract is.  In the chaos of my own life with obligations to everyone, my children, my husband and my employer – how they all fill my day as I try to meet their needs. The hours fly by and days blend into each other. When I do have a minute and I dial the phone I am accused of putting her last.

I can’t remember the last time she made the first move – the one to reach out to me. How it would brighten my day if for once she would call and ask “Is there anything I can do, so that we can spend time together?” I believe it would bring tears to my eyes and joy to my worn out soul.

But this is our relationship and it is my duty to keep up my part of the contract.   It is the only relationship we will have – and it is better than no relationship. I will not desert her.



3 thoughts on “Desert – the verb

  1. Did you think that the person on the other end was not criticizing or condemning you….she was letting you know that she had noticed it had been a while since contact had been made. Turning what could have been taken as a criticism into a compliment. Some people take it so offensively if you have not noticed how long that there has been no communication and that no one even noticed. Possibly that person was thinking along those lines…letting you know that she had notice there had been a gap in communication. maybe a compliment????? maybe no offense was meant at all ponder that


    • No I do not believe she means to offend me – but if she missed me then why did she not call me? The point is – we are both hurt of the lack of communication. In the end love wins….


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