The Bluebell Story

I am pleased I found bluebells blooming in my garden today. I love their delicate lacy caps in shades of pinks and purples. I recall the day a garden friend gave me the plant; she invited me to her home and stood in the hot sun digging up gifts from her incredible garden. She instructed in her southern drawl as she handed me a clump of what look like a nearly dead plant. “You need to mark the spot where you plant this.” She is a true southern lady and looks the part in her garden hat. I took the plant skeptically. She continues, “It dies back after it bloom and you will forget about it.” And she was right. If I had not marked the spot where I planted the clump, I would have accidently dug it up. I am thankful I trusted my garden mentor when I planted what I thought was a dead plant.

She shared more than plants she also shared her wisdom. She is a certified master gardener and took the time to instruct a new gardener. This is more valuable than the plants she gave. She has become my mentor, and I believe I am successfully growing bluebells because of her. If I want to be successful, I need a mentor and possibly more than one. I have read about bluebells from books and the Internet, but do not retain the information. I do recall my dear friend’s voice as she instructed me of the care of this plant.

I have other plants she gave me, and when they come in bloom, I will hear her voice again, gently instructing me on how to care for them. Each plant she gave me is precious – because of the lessons attached to it.

Your Thoughts?

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