The Rising Sun

Daily Post

Another day dawns – another sleepless night. My nerves shot, and my mood is foul. Another day in a fog of exhaustion. Another wasted day.

Curse you sun for raising so soon, I haven’t had enough rest. Now I will have to start the daily run, the pursuit of some imaginary goal that no one knows what it is. What if today I refuse to play the game – what if I crawled back in bed and closed my eyes to this day?

From my kitchen window, I can see the opening of my neighbor’s garage door, and I hear a distance barking of a dog. The world is waking up with the sun as if it pulls everyone into a routine. It starts the rhythm of the day, and we are all to march along with it. I don’t want to today, yet I can feel the pull.

I begin my morning duties of coffee making and letting dogs out. Today I walk out with the dogs into the early morning light. The sun has not reached the rooftops yet. I watch the world come alive; the birds perch in their special spot to serenade the giant ball of fire. The frenzy briefly comes to a stand still as the sun begins its rise. It is a red ball of fury – angry too maybe for having to make the same trek day in and day out.

I turn my face towards it and allow it to warm my face, “give me energy dear sun,” I pray as it blinds me to the world. And for a moment I can feel the pull, the energy that must drive all living things to rise and move forward – to join the sun in the daily dance. With the pull of this source of energy I might, just might be able to make it through another day.

I stand in the golden light, and I praise the creator of the sun, and I feel rejuvenated. I relish the sight before me as the sun sets the landscape aglow. It kisses the treetops and spotlights a singing bird. Yes, it is too powerful to resist, and I fall in step with the rest of creation – marching right in step to the rising sun.

2 thoughts on “The Rising Sun

  1. What a beautiful morning! Although I sometimes feel my routines become reluctantly carried out chores, it’s the small moments like when I take the trash out and stop to admire the beauty in the world around me that I regain motivation to be productive. The scene you painted with your words reminds me of my own struggles, but I can feel the hope shining as bright as the sun coaxing you onwards.

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