My Sanctuary Defined…

Writing Prompt: Sanctuary

I have a place I call The Sanctuary. It is a place surrounded by my gardens and shaded by trees I planted – my perfect place; my Eden. I believe everyone should find a sanctuary of their own – a safe place to become the person they are destined to be.

My garden is chaotic and I do little to keep it under control. I plant a flower wherever I find a patch of dirt and I do not have a color scheme, I have hot pinks planted next to orange. I put it in the ground and hope it survives – most make it. It is a miracle it survives. My Sanctuary is that miracle and I feel a connection to the miracle – to the mystery – and it is that connection where I feel safe.

In my Sanctuary I feel safe to write, to journal everyday, sometimes I share the lesson, but mostly it is rambling thoughts, concerns or fears expressed on the page – where it can be picked apart and analyzed. From that a beautiful story will emerge – to replace a haunting memory, a lesson to change my perspective on a circumstance or an incredible insight that could only come from the Spirit. It is a place where I can take a word and ponder on it for a while and give my insight on what the word means to me. The miracle is I have found my voice – and the freedom to express it.

In my Sanctuary I feel safe to express emotions. Safe from the ever-critical eye of the world, I am free to grieve and cry the river of tears I deny myself. I am free to express my anger at the injustice and I am comforted by my surroundings – where the flower nod their heads and the trees shake their branches in agreement. I am free to admit I am afraid and face the fear. The miracle is the emotions are expressed in a controlled environment – a safe place. No longer suppressed, bubbling under the surface.

In my Sanctuary, my friends and family visit and we have special conversations and share secrets, protected under the hush of the breeze passing through the leaves of the trees and the continuous birdsong in the background.

My Sanctuary is a place where I dream and find the courage to become – a gardener, a photographer, a writer, a mentor and a friend – and whatever else I decide to dream up.

My Sanctuary is a holy place – a mysterious and spiritual place. It is a place where I learned to pray – to commune with God. I have been moved to tears by the occurrences of wonder and moments of incredible beauty. All of this in my backyard… A place I deemed as The Sanctuary.

Find a place to be your Sanctuary – and make it holy.


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