Am I a zombie?

The Walking Dead has entered our family home. We are hooked on the TV show and we feed our addiction with one show per night. Although sometimes it is a family event, it is mostly my youngest and I faithfully turning it on each night. I am spending quality time with my child.  We do have interesting conversations about zombies and he laughs when I hide my eyes. I am running out of things to share with him, if it is zombies that bring us closer together than so be it. Continue reading

At the end of the day….

I am sitting here watching the day come to an end. I am so exhausted that I can feel it deep in my bones. The burden of all the things that I did not accomplish today weighs heavy on me. The day ends and it seems like it just started. Lord, I cannot believe the spin this world is in. It revolves so fast that I think it makes us crazy – the whole world.

Continue reading

The Creating of a Path….

The summer of 2014 our family worked on a garden path. The path started on Memorial weekend and we completed it by the 4th of July. In the middle of June and in the middle of this project, a major event rippled through the family, creating waves that shook a few stones loose in my “life path”.  In my quiet time I was inspired to write…. Continue reading