All week-long I have pushed myself to beat the clock. Rushing to get as much done as the hands spin faster and faster. I cannot believe it is the end of July, the end of summer vacation for my southern kids and the end of my 48th year

Time flies at lightening speed. I blink and an hour is gone. I wake up in the morning and it seems in an instant I am back in bed, although 18 hours have passed. Life passes by in a blur – and I spent many years wishing it would slow down. I have recently learned I must be the one to slow down.

Today is Saturday, a day I deem sacred – a day I choose to slow down, athough the world keeps spinning. Early morning coffee in the garden, with my writing – to record the passing of time.  Time to think.  Time to ponder and process the week events.

Time to marvel at the flight of a butterfly and be awe-struck by the majestic presence of an osprey, fishing in the nearby lake.

Time to contemplate. Time to breathe – slowly…

Writing Prompt: Slowly