Post No. 23

The lesson in last Sunday’s sermon was  on Philippians 3. It was about straining forward and letting go of what happen in the past. The pastor had a clear jar filled with fifty-two orange Ping-Pong balls, each one representing a single week of the New Year. He stressed that our time is limited. Continue reading


I was given a gift earlier this week. It was a 2 hour delayed school time, because of the possibility of freezing rain. I sat around all that morning reading social media and thinking that I had all this time. No rushing around and  becoming the army sergeant that I become every morning before school. Where I need  to bark orders and threaten punishment for insubordination. I look up and I think, someone must have played a trick on me, because two hours have past. I push and I growl to get these teens to school on time and end up being late anyway. I did nothing with my gift, except waste it away. Continue reading